— A Cardano-Focused Multi-Chain Decentralized Presale & IDO Platform — A Cardano-Focused Multi-Chain Decentralized Presale & IDO Platform

The ICO and IDO space is full of scams and frauds. Investors are vulnerable to losing their money, and the founders have no means to raise funds for their projects.

Cardence’s unique solution allows projects to run a presale campaign on its platform that will allow investors to decide how much they would like to invest in the project while guaranteeing participation through smart minting. and Cardence Coin is an all-in-one fundraising ecosystem with many features such as whitelisting project participants, vesting schedule, liquidity locker, affiliate marketing option for projects, and more. By using the Cardence platform, you can ensure your token distribution without any risk of scams or frauds.

They offer a secure way for founders to raise funds for their project with guaranteed investment from users via smart mint functionality, which enables safe automatic token release based on a predefined vesting schedule set by the founder during their presale campaign launch phase.

Cardence Crypto Staking Platform

Built on the Cardano Network, Cardence will also serve as a crypto staking platform for those wanting to generate passive income streams. Three staking pools will be available: no lock-up pool with 10-percent of staking rewards, 7 days lock-up pool with 30-percent of staking rewards, and 30 days lock-up pool with 60-percent of staking rewards.

Earning Through Staking

Staking is a way to earn “interest” on your coins without having to do anything else other than holding your coins in a designated staking wallet. There are many benefits of staking your coins. The first and most obvious advantage is that you are able to passively earn interest on your holdings.

Secondly, you are helping to secure the network by providing your hash power to confirm transactions. Lastly, you are also helping to promote decentralization by participating in staking.

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